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In Conversation with Kamran Javed

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By Rimsha Ali Shah.

Standing in the center of the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) ground for the third installment of Music Mela, Kamran Javed was feeling the mid-day April heat but his focus did not falter.  Having previously served as the logistics lead for the first two Music Melas, Javed was now promoted to Project Coordinator for this year’s Music Mela, where he was in control of multiple teams working to finalize the set up: sound, stage, seating, check!   The now confident young leader recounts his experience of 2007 as the first batch of students in the English Micro-scholarship Access Program and could not have imagined he would be heading logistics for the biggest music festival in Pakistan, in addition to conducting his own Alumni small grant project, serving as an international scouts trainer and a mentor to young access students and alumni and being recognized as an Emerging Leader within the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN).  We sat down to talk to Javed and learn more about his experiences now and as an Access student.

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Alumni Corner: Youth Activism and Rickshaw Wala


By Mohsin Shah.

As soon as I got off the coach, a rickshaw wala showed up and offered his services. We agreed on 120 rupees fare to my destination. On our way, the Rickshaw wala asked me if I returned from abroad.

“No, I am returning from Islamabad.”

He looked confused as he stared at my suit and luggage. I quickly got to his thoughts and smiled;

“Well, there was a conference in Islamabad. I attended that. Now I am heading back home”.

Rickshaw wala: “May I ask what kind of conference it was?”

Me: “of course! It was on Youth Activism. Where we had different sessions and speakers to discuss the role of youth in various fields of life. About 200 local and international alumni’s participated in the event”

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First Person

Indo-Pak: Enemies at Home, Friends Abroad

Wagha-Attari Border

In the year 2011, Pakistan had lost semi final match of the Cricket World Cup to India. Generally, we support only two teams: Pakistan, and the one playing against India. For the final match, I was supporting Sri Lanka but off the mark India won the match. It was a very difficult time for me and like every desi I promised not to watch cricket again, but unlike other desis I have kept that promise. I still do not watch cricket match but I am only interested in the result: who won, who lost? The bruises were still green when I was selected to attend the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program at Troy University in Alabama, United States.

The first Indian I met asked me: “Cricket daikhte ho aap? (Do you watch cricket?)”

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Alumni Discuss PUAN Success Stories in Round Table Discussion


“Joining Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN) is a lifetime package,” Maryum Qasim, an alumna of the Kennedy Lugar – Youth Exchange and Study program explained to Dr.Katherine Brown, Executive Director of the United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy while discussing her work as an alumna with PUAN.  Qasim was among the group of seven alumni who were present to discuss their PUAN success stories, community outreach activities, small grant projects, thematic conferences and the mentorship program with Dr. Brown on April 18, 2016.

Dr. Brown appreciated PUAN’s work and their resilience in such trying times.  “I am amazed by all the projects led by PUAN and the impact it has had on communities at large.”

“My exchange program helped me find myself and my true calling of being in the development sector and working with persons with disabilities, instead of as a computer sciences major,” said Sumaira Malik, an alumna of the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (UGRAD) who was hired after a successful Mentorship Program at Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP) with Mr. Atif Sheikh, an alumnus and mentor of the Disabilities Exchange Program..

Arshad Bashir, an alumnus of the Fulbright Specialist program, spoke about how exchanges help to build professional linkages, and shared his personal example about a leadership course he is preparing in the form of an exchange program between Pakistan and Russian academic partners.

Hussain Haider, an alumnus of the Emerging Leaders of Pakistan program and founder of Beydaar Society, highlighted his recent experience as  part of the planning committee for the recently held PUAN International Youth Activism Conference.  Haseeb Kiyani , an alumnus of the Legislative Fellowship Program and current President of PUAN – Islamabad Chapter, shared the journey and overall achievements of PUAN since 2008.Ahsan Mukhtar, co-curator of TedxIslamabad, an alumni small grant project, spoke about the grant application process.  All alumni of various exchange programs are eligible to apply for the alumni small grant of up to $5000 USD for projects focused on empowering communities.  Some of small grant projects concluded, include TedxIslamabad, Juniper Preservation Project, Empowering Women through Organization and Development and Cyclone.  For more details on applying for the alumni small grants, please visit:

Additional participants included Asma Mohsin, Program Manager, USAID Training for Pakistan Project, Islamabad, General Secretary, PUAN ISB/RWP Chapter, Legislative Fellow alumna; Prof. Zabta Shinwari, IVLP alumnus, Dean, School of Biological Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Senior Executive Member, PUAN ISB/RWP Chapter (2015 UNESCO’s AVICENNA Prize for Ethics in Science); Ahsan Mukhtar, Program Manager, i2Invest, Islamabad, ECA-PUAN Grantee TEDx Programs 2014 & 2016, IVLP alumnus; Sumaira Malik, working at Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP), Islamabad, Global U-Grad alumna; Hussain Haider, Executive Director, Beydaar Society (Youth led organization to promote education) and ECO Change, Islamabad, Emerging Leaders of Pakistan alumnus.

For photographs, visit our flickr profile.

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Alumni News Thematic Conference

PUAN International Youth Activism Conference: Empowering South Asian Youth Leaders


By Rimsha Ali Shah.

As her plane landed at Islamabad airport, Karuna  could hardly contain her excitement to be back in Pakistan.  Karuna, along with three other Nepalese participants, was excited to take part in a Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN)  youth activism event  bringing together people from not just Nepal and Pakistan, but also Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.  As a young lawyer, Karuna knew the exposure and networking possibilities awaiting her at this conference to hopefully assist her in pursuing her dream of activism for the welfare of the Nepalese people and her ambition to be the first female prime minister of Nepal.

The PUAN International Youth Activism Conference held from April 8 – April 10, 2016 hosted 200 alumni of U.S. State Department sponsored exchange programs from the South Asian region for three days of workshops, skill-training, panel session, networking and community outreach activities, all focused on the theme of empowering youth with skills for leadership roles.  Fulbright alumnus Pervez Hoodbuoy in his opening remarks commented on the importance of cultural exchange for professional and personal growth in today’s globalized world.  Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Cultural Affairs, Evan Ryan, in her remarks said, 

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Taking the GRE Smartly


By Amna Sabahat.

“Don’t give up unless you have put all your efforts in it!”

Well, the fact that you opened this post about GRE ensures that there is a will at least!  And all you have to do is find a way to do it well.  Trust me, we all are capable of making it through.  Don’t disappoint Darwin’s survival of the fittest and our ancestors’ genes.  The GRE is not as daunting as it seems and, speaking from personal experience, it only takes a little work every day to ace it.  With work and studies, it may seems a bit “unreal” but let’s get to the “how-to” part and you will realize, it is not an insurmountable mountain!

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Round-up: 30 Under 30 Women Achievers


This March, Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network celebrated the wonderful women achievers around us!  Each day for the past 30 days we have highlighted one woman achiever from within the alumni network.  Our list included female engineers, health specialists, pilots, authors, artists, musicians, lawyers, activists, teachers, sportswomen and many other talented female powerhouses.

Let’s take a look at the 30 wonder women we featured in the month of March.  Click on the images to learn more about each of our featured woman achiever!

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TEDxIslamabad: Celebrating Adventures of Breaking Barriers

Photo Credits: TEDxIslamabad facebook page

By Rimsha Ali Shah

“Inspiration and interaction are related terms because when you interact with new people, they inspire your soul.  This is the power I felt at TEDxIslamabad!”

Nosheen Akhtar attended her first ever TEDx event on March 19, and said the experience inspired her to go the extra mile in “Breaking Barriers.”  She was one of 300 people in the audience at Aiwan-e-Quaid with eyes glued to the stage for four hours, inspired by the stories of six young women and men who had broken barriers to achieve amazing accomplishments.

Organized by Senior TEDx Ambassador and Acumen Fellow Saad Hamid and International Visitors Leadership Program alumnus and Co-Curator TEDxIslamabad Ahsan Mukhtar, TEDxIslamabad is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

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Spotlight Alumna: Sundas Matloob and Her Artistic Journey

IMG_7686 (1024x683)

By Rimsha Ali Shah

This month in our spotlight profile, we take you through the journey of Sundas Matloob, a NESA alumna, who discovered the artist and curator within her through her interaction with art in the United States.  She has since graduated with honors from National College of Arts and Beaconhouse National University.  Matloob is the first Pakistani to be selected for an internship at the Smithsonian, a curator, a painter and a mom of a beautiful little daughter.

“Back in 2009 when I was going for my year-long exchange program, I was only exposed to a certain color palette for painting.  Without realizing I had restricted my artistic abilities to designs and colors that were characteristic of the stereotypical work of a painter.  It was all blue, black and red!” Matloob reminisced.

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Alumni News Grants

Cyclone: Channeling Disruptive Energies in to Leadership Skills


By Rimsha Ali Shah

Four groups of girls sat huddled together in the classroom of K.M.A Girls School, Karachi discussing the storyline they would present to the class.  The topic was “imagination” and the crossfire of creativity in the room was a perfect example of “thinking out of the box.” As the chatter to find the right twist and the perfect climax for their stories continued, the classroom next door argued over the merits and demerits of homework, while the third classroom was a frenzy participants shouting directions to guide their fellow team member to duplicate the sketch that she could not see.  Leading this cyclone of leadership development workshops was the  talented Hamza Yousaf, an alumnus of the Cultural Immersion Program 2013.

To Yousaf, the word “Cyclone” adequately represented the purpose and inspiration behind his small grant project.  “Through this project, we wanted to stir up the energies of the participants and channel their disruptive energies in to leadership skills that would help them personally and professionally.”  The project was made possible with the help of a $5,000 grant from the Pakistan-U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN).  All alumni of various U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs in Pakistan are eligible to apply for the grant to enable them to give back to their communities.

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