Video Submission Guidelines

For all alumni small grant project applications, alumni are required to share a 60-second video explaining their project proposal.  Through this video submission, alumni can succinctly describe the purpose and vision of the project for the grants committee.


1. Framing: Shoot your video in a landscape mode. Please ensure that you are standing at an arm’s length from the camera.
2. Stability: Place the camera on a table where it can remain stable. You may also use a selfie stick or a camera stand to place your camera to avoid shaky videos.
3. Lighting: Please record in a well-lit room.  Avoid recording in the evening light and/or low light.
4. Audio: Please shoot in a quiet place with minimal background noise. Make sure any electronic device i.e. a TV, electric heater, radio, etc. are switched off.  Avoid recording outdoors and/or in very large rooms.
5. Language: English
6. Breakdown your speaking time into the following sections (totaling 60-seconds):
a. Introduction: 10-15 seconds
b. Project Summary: 30-35 seconds
c. Project Justification: 10 seconds
7. Please ensure that the file size does not exceed 5MB.
8. Email this video file with the completed Grants Application Form to in one file.  The video and application form should be provided as an attachment, and not a link to any file sharing services like (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive).

There are no specifications regarding hardware/software requirements; we encourage applicants to use their cellphone’s camera for the recording.